Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's been a while...

Hi everyone! It has been a long time since I last posted! I have been really busy traveling and seeing lots of new things! First I went to Ohio, I mostly just played there but it was a lot of fun! Next, I went to Virginia! While I was there I got to go to a Nationals game, it was really fun, I had never been to a baseball game before! I also got to go to a winery! Don't tell my mom, but I had a few tastes while I was there! Next I was on to Oklahoma! I went Vance Air Force Base, and also to Will Rogers International Airport in Oklahoma City! I even got to ride through the x-ray machine! While we were at the airport a group of military members arrived back from Iraq and we got to welcome them home, it was an honor!! I'm currently in Colorado now and I'm having lots of fun, so much in fact that I must get off here and continue the fun!!


  1. Hi Sheirdan!
    Ooh! Was the wine yucky??? I've never tried it, never will try it!
    ps. THANX 4 posting! :D

  2. Hey Sheridan! :) I've been looking a many of your travel albums, and it looks like you've had a grand time so far. You should post some of your favorite pictures in your travel blog-that's what it's here for anyway. ;) I don't think your hosts would mind.


  3. Wow you sound like you've had lots of fun!

  4. We just found you here .. we miss you .. my sisters say that .. I did not know you .. but you went on a trip to the coast with Tirya and the others. Tirya is out traveling now.

    Ta Ta,